What is the Gynecomastia treatment?


Gynecomastia is an alteration of the size of the male breast due to the abnormal growth of the mammary gland, being the most frequent mammary abnormality in the male sex and affecting a single (unilateral) or both (bilateral) breast.

This breast augmentation may be due to either the growth of the gland, the accumulation of fat in the breast, or the combination of both causes.


ginecomastia clinica tufet - Gynecomastia Treatment

               Pict. 1.: Distinction of normal gland with gynecomastia,
          with an increase in the number of cells in the gland,
    as well as in the number of fat cells that cover it


Thus, excess volume is contributed by an excess of breast tissue and / or an excess of fat in the breast, and there is also a lower proportion of excess skin.

Although this increase in size is always benign, it causes a female aspect of the male breast, affecting between 40% and 50% of men, which can cause problems in the man to develop his life with total normality.

The gynecomastia treatment may consist of a surgical intervention based on the removal of the glandular tissue. It is the adequate solutionto reduce the size of the breast.

The goal will be to remove the existing glandular tissue from the nipple area to the pectoral muscle, as well as accumulations of excess fat. We will distinguish between the following types of gynecomastia:

  • Glandular gynecomastia, when there is an increase of the mammary gland
  • Fat gynecomastia, when said increase is due to an accumulation of fat
  • Mixed gynecomastia, when both disorders coexist


For all this, in the first evaluation visit we will determine its diagnosis.


What causes gynecomastia?

In any case, the trigger that produces it must be corrected. Having directly associated gynecomastia with the genetic constitution, as well as with some systemic disorders such as obesity or overweight, the consumption of steroids may also be the cause that would has caused this excess volume. All possible factors that are causing the alteration must be taken into account and rectified.

So, among the causes that we must correct are the following:

  • Overweight or obesity
  • Deficiency in the production or action of testosterone
  • Increased production or conversion of estrogens
  • Anabolic steroid use
  • Consumption of drugs or other drugs of abuse, such as marijuana or alcohol


The patient’s use of any type of steroids (steroids, anabolic steroids, etc.) should be discontinued, if any.

This treatment is discouraged for patients suffering from any disease that could interfere with the surgical procedure and/or anesthesia, as well as patients with morbid obesity.


How is it diagnosed?

Mammography and ultrasonography are of great diagnostic importance in assessing whether the main proportion of cells is the fat component or the parenchymal proliferation, which is fundamental for planning the type of intervention.

Our team of surgeons at Clínica Tufet will study your case in an individualized way, diagnosing the type of gynecomastia and advising you the technique that is right for you.

An exhaustive physical assessment of the patient, as well as their clinical history, allows or not the intervention, specifying the appropriate preoperative study.


What is the procedure?

Depending on the type of gynecomastia, the indicated treatment will be:


Medical treatment

Endocrinological oral treatment.

Coolsculpting: Removing excess localized fat by applying cold, extracting heat from the body through its application.


Surgical Treatment

  • Liposuction/lipolaser: removal of adipose tissue
  • Surgical removal: removal of glandular tissue
  • Liposuction/lipolaser + excision: reduction of glandular and adipose tissues.
  • Excision + skin lifting + liposuction/lipolaser: Bigger and more sagging breasts.


We see there are two ways to correct excess fat: surgically, by liposuction; or dissolving the fat by applying controlled heat of the energy of the laser light, by means of the lipolaser technique.


ginecomastia clinica tufet 2 - Gynecomastia Treatment

             Pict. 2: Figuration of the appearance of the before and after
  of the intervention, regardless of the procedure used


In any case, in addition to local treatment, the cause that causes excess weight of the patient, if any, should be orally treated by appropriate endocrine care.

A prior medical examination will be performed to rule out possible contraindications in the patient.


What method is used?

It is very convenient that the treatment is assisted by techniques that provide greater safety, shorter intervention time, less pain, less hematoma, less inflammation and that produce a greater cutaneous retraction, reason for which we advise the lipolaser.

The lipolaser intervention consists of a small incision through which we break and aspirate the fat, a process that produces no pain and whose scar is barely perceptible.

In the same vein, when performing surgical excision, the surgeon performs a subcutaneous mastectomy surgery, through a very small incision, usually from the lower edge of the areola.

ginecomastia clinica tufet 4 - Gynecomastia Treatment

  Pict. 3: Cannula to be introduced under the skin through an incision
  of 2 – 3 mm. of diameter, reaching the subcutaneous adipose tissue


In case the skin does not fit well to the new contour, because the amount of fat to be removed has been important, the excess skin should be removed by a skin lift, being this a rare situation.

The chest and chest area will be bandaged by adjusting the skin properly.

The duration of treatment varies depending on the procedure, being generally between 1 and 2 hours.

The intervention is not painful, being only an annoying intervention.


Does it require anesthesia?

Each surgical technique requires a different type of anesthesia: general or local, with sedation or not.

Generally, local anesthesia and, in some cases, sedation are applied.

If the anesthesia is local the patient will be able to go home after a reasonable time after the intervention.

The recovery is quick, being able to incorporate to the working life within a period of 2 to 3 days, and to a sporting activity, after a month.


How is the postoperative?

You will feel some discomfort and will present some inflammation, both symptoms progressively returning from the first week.

It will be used in case of being suitable a t-shirt specially designed for this intervention like system of presotherapy.

A certain sense of insensitivity in the area is likely, which progressively remits throughout the days. As for the sleeping position, 10 days after the procedure it is usually possible to sleep again face down.

You should wait a month for any activity that require weight lifting. Likewise, the heat of the bath in the bathtub should be avoided, advising a quick shower, thus preventing the contact of the water with the scar.

On the third or fourth day of the intervention you will be able to reintegrate into your work and social life.

If the alteration is due only to an excess of gland the problem will be solved definitively. If it is also and/or only fat, the patient should be treated orally with the aim of maintaining his weight. Once achieved the result will also be definitive.

As far as the scars are concerned, only the impermeable millimetric incisions have been performed using the lipolaser technique.

If there is excision, either glandular or skin, there will be incisions of different types.

In case of applying Coolsculpting, there will be no scar, since the fat removed is due to the destruction of the adipocyte by cryolipolysis and not to the extraction.

Hemorrhage, infection and complications related to the use of anesthesia, like any surgical intervention, are the only controlled risks associated with the intervention.

The area is immediately compressed after the operation, eventually disappearing any possible hematoma resulting therefrom.

A firm and well contoured thorax is the result of this intervention, a result that is always definitive.


ginecomastiahombres 266x266 - Gynecomastia Treatment

Pict. 4: Thorax without excess of glandular tissue and without excess of fatty tissue


Other observations

There are possible contraindications and complications typical of any surgery.

Our medical team will inform you of all of them, appearing in the informed consent to sign for you prior to your intervention.


Clínica Tufet is in a position to offer the appropriate option, providing you the complete treatment:

Surgery + Liposuction/Lipolaser/Coolsculpting + Hormonal treatment

For a complete personalized solution



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